Natural Amber 6.50-ct ( 21 x 10 x 6 mm)


Gemstone: AMBER

Size(MM): 21 x 10 x 6

Weight(TCW): 6.50




Origin: POLAND

Natural/Lab-Created: NATURAL

Treatment: UNHEATED

Hardness: 2 – 2.5

Lot N0(SKU): GF


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About Gemstone

A precious gemstone names Amber is a fossilized tree mastic that has been comprehended for its beautiful color and natural attraction since Neolithic times. Much admired from obsolescence to the grant as a gemstone, amber is built into a category of ornamental objects. Amber is utilized in jewelry. It has also been used as a restorative operator in folk medicine.
There are five types of amber, defined based on their chemical constituents. Because it originates as soft, sticky tree resin, amber sometimes comprises animal and plant elements as inclusions. Amber occurring in coal unions is also called resinite, and the term ambrite is applied to that found specifically within New Zealand coal seams.”

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Clarity Scale

  • IF (Internally Flawless) – “Loupe-Clean” or 100% Clean – Exceptional quality with no inclusion(s) visible using a 10X loupe.
  • VVS (Very, Very Small Inclusions) – “Near Loupe-Clean” ~ Excellent quality with only slight inclusion(s) or irregularity with a 10X loupe.
  • VS (Very Small Inclusions) – “Eye-Clean” ~ No visible inclusion may at the corner.
  • SI (Small Inclusions) – “Near Eye-Clean” ~ Inclusion(s) may be seen with the naked eye but do not affect or interfere with the overall beauty of the gem.
  • I (Included) – Having luster, transparent, but included some, but not broken.
  • S (Slightly) – “Included-Declasses”~ Heavily Included -stones.




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Custom Jewellery

If you’re interested in having your own jewelry design with this gemstone or want custom jewelry with other gemstones, please contact us. we provide Gold, Silver, Platinum, and other more at a reasonable price.