About the company

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Variety Gemstones

Specialized in Jewellery Making.

Features & Benefits

Welcome to gemface

we are a supplier company of only natural gemstones and beautiful custom jewellery.

Free Shipping

No fee for shipping

We ship the product worldwide and the shipping price is completely free for all our valuable customers, 


Email, call, chat

Free support to all our customers, you can always contact us whenever needed.


Safe and secure

We provide a 100% money-back guarantee, with one of the world’s securest platforms like Stripe and Paypal.

14-Days Return

100% cash back

We understand the concerns that come along with online shopping and returning a product and getting a refund is one such issue. We provide a free return to all customers with a full refund.


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Available Certificates

New Arrivals

Other platforms

We have been selling on Facebook Shop since 2001. Feel free to view our store by clicking the symbol above.​

We are proud to be holding a trusted ebay seller award, with a 15 year of e-commerce seller experience.

It’s a 7 years of good experience meeting lots of valuable customers and growing our business. Get in touch with us through Instagram.

Our Story

On behalf of the teams, we like to let you know what to expect from here. GEMFACE is an operation consisting of young, dedicated employees who share love support for fine gems and minerals, gemstone wholesale buyer, jewelry manufacturers, and International gem traders. We are in a unique position to score the gem markets worldwide. In this day and age, the best way of sharing these eye-opening gems are with the website through our www.gemstoreonline.com, we only sell 100% natural Earth mined gemstones.

Company's birth

Established. 2001

The Company Gemface respectively sells only Natural Gemstones and Custom Jewelry. The founder of the company established the company in mid of the year 2001, which has a high rate of customer satisfaction throughout the years of life with high-level experience.

18+ years of experience

Customer Service

We as GEMFACE customer service have a respected amount of training to interact with our valuable customers and wish to have a pleasant purchase.

High skills


This company has cherishingly earned 7+ awards from the third-party Thailand jewelry companies. We will be getting more in the future confidently.


Buying a certified gemstone gives the buyers assurance and confidence that what they are buying is genuine and authentic. We as a Gemface, provide more than 4 gem labs.


The shipping is completely free for everyone around the world. For customers who live in the US, we give them a free USPS shipping and the estimated delivery is 3-5 days.


We understand the concerns that come along with online shopping and returning a product and getting a refund is one such issue. We provide a free return to all customers with a full refund.


This store is holding an inventory of more than 5,000 gemstones so not every gemstone are public on the website store page. Please contact us if you want different varieties.


Price is a very important aspect of our business, so we take a clear understanding of what the products are worth and publish it. We also send vouchers once in every 2 weeks for customer satisfaction.


Customers are our first priority, so we have a 24-hr email Support. If your having some problem with anything please don’t hesitate to contact us, our service specialist will reply withing 24-hrs

About Gemstones

Our Skills

In our business, there are some things that we follow strictly, and they are mainly for the customer’s satisfaction. There are four letters that best describes about our business, those are [Q V S E] which represents the next tenet that we uphold as the four pillars of our business, to maintain very good customer satisfaction.

Q stands for quality. Our Staff goes to great lengths to ensure that you receive the best. The form is exquisite. The product is just as the photo and the descriptions provided. Our commitment to quality will never be compromised. As the saying goes: Quality is forever and always remains with you long after the purchase price is forgotten.

V stands for Value. Value is the price you pay for the goods. All the gemstones are valued with your best interest at heart, that is because our main goal is to win your heart. We know we have to earn your trust by doing it right all the time. We will try our best to bring you the best value. Always open to feedback, if you ever feel that our value-calls are not right, just let us know, well do what we can to accommodate you.

Service plays an important role in our daily activities. We are striving each day to improve and provide the order the quickest, lowest cost, and reliable delivery every time. Since we intend to keep you visiting our site frequently, we will be in touch with you (with your permission) to inform you of the most recent arrivals and how and when to get the most mileage from our purchases using our loyalty points and rebates/ rewards program.

Online purchases allow you the option and comfort of when and where you want to buy, or just make a casual visit and Email us if anything needed. Whether you want to buy, sell, or to trade we will do our best to become convenient for your needs. We have organized ourselves into different work shifts to you better, our day shift serves Asia and European countries, while the night shift serves the North American continent. We are improving our shipping methods, especially for high-value items, to reach you faster and safer.

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