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Our team comprises of young, dynamic, and passionate individuals who are dedicated to the world of fine gems and jewelry. We specialize in precious gemstone buying, jewelry manufacturing, and international gem trading. We’re uniquely positioned to provide you with the best in the industry.


As a brand GEMFACE, we take pride in our ability to source the finest gems from around the globe and bring them to you. We believe that the best way to share these breathtaking gems is through our website, www.gemstoreonline.com. Here, you’ll find a vast collection of 100% natural Earth-mined gemstones that are sure to leave you spellbound.


We understand the importance of authenticity and quality, which is why we assure you that all our products are sourced from ethical and sustainable sources. So whether you’re looking for a rare gem for your personal collection or to create stunning jewelry pieces, you can trust GEMFACE to provide you with the best in the industry.

Established. 2000

The Company GEMFACE respectively sells only Natural Gemstones and Custom Jewelry. The founder of the company established the company in mid of the year 2000 in Thailand, which has a high rate of customer satisfaction throughout the years of life with high-level experience.

18+ years of experience

Customer Service

As representatives of GEMFACE’s customer service team, we have undergone extensive training to ensure that we can provide our valued customers with a pleasant and satisfactory purchasing experience.

High skills


This company has proudly earned more than 7 awards from third-party jewelry companies in Thailand, and we are confident that we will continue to receive more in the future.

eBay and Etsy

eBay & Etsy

We are proud to be holding a trusted eBay seller award, with a 20+ year of e-commerce seller experience


With 10+ years of good experience meeting lots of valuable customers and growing our business. Get in touch with us through Instagram. We have been selling on Facebook Shop since 2000. Feel free to view our store.
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Discover a world of stunning pins and stay up to date by visiting our captivating Pinterest page. With several years of presence on Pinterest, we curate an exquisite collection that will surely captivate your senses.

"We prioritize the quality of our gemstones, competitive pricing, and ensuring high levels of customer satisfaction."​

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