Jadeite Value, Color, & Price

Jadeite Value, Color, and Price

Beautiful gemstone jadeite is prized for its brilliant green color, translucency, and smoothness. It is one of two types of jade, the other being nephrite, and is a form of mineral from the pyroxene family.

Nephrite is more common and less precious than jadeite, which is rarer and more valuable. Jadeite is mostly found in Burma (now Myanmar), however minor amounts have also been found in Japan, Guatemala, and the United States.

In addition to its magnificent array of green colors, which can range from pale sage to intense emerald, jadeite also comes in lavender, pink, and white. The stone’s worth primarily depends on the consistency and intensity of the green color.

Jadeite has a Mohs hardness of 6.5-7, making it a relatively tough and long-lasting stone. Because of this, it can be used to produce jewelry, especially earrings, pendants, and other accessories that aren’t prone to a lot of wear and tear.

Jadeite is thought to possess a variety of metaphysical qualities in addition to its aesthetic appeal and robustness. It is claimed to encourage harmony, balance, and calm while assisting people in establishing spiritual connections. Jadeite is frequently presented as a gift to commemorate beginnings or significant life events since it is seen to be a stone of protection and good luck.

Jadeite comes in a variety of forms, each having particular qualities and attributes. Among the most well-liked kinds are:

Royal Jadeite is the most valuable variety of jadeite and is distinguished by its deep emerald-green hue and high degree of translucency. It is also known as “emperor’s jade” due to its historical relationship with Chinese royalty.

Jadeite that has a lavender or light purple color is known as lavender jadeite. Chamomile is frequently used in meditation and other spiritual practices because of its well-known relaxing and soothing effects.

Jadeite that is mottled or speckled and has patches of green and white or other hues is known as mottled jadeite.

Jadeite that is highly translucent and hence allows light to travel through it to produce a glowing effect is known as translucent jadeite.

Jadeite is a precious stone that is highly coveted for its aesthetic appeal, sturdiness, and unique qualities. Jadeite is a precious addition to any collection and is used in jewelry as well as decorative items. It is a symbol of wealth, prosperity, and good fortune.


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